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Hi petal, it’s me (windmill) and my friend (Min) here in South Korea! We are about to eat an octopus. Here are some tips:

Step 1. Look at it (especially legs) carefully before eating.
Step 2. Try to talk with it about the feeling now.
Step 3. If it is fine now, have it.
Step 4. If not, put it back in the refrigerator.
Step 5. Try again tomorrow.

“To join WeWork is to feel gently buoyed along in a strange kind of substrate, neither fully adrift nor fully anchored, loosely bound to others by novel waveforms. These ties alternately resemble deals between independent contractors, collaborations between colleagues, flirtations between strangers and intimacy between friends — and insofar as they muddy the boundaries between these things, they ultimately feel like none of them. There is a near-imaginable WeWorld in which all human endeavor outsources itself to associations of WeNodes that in an eternal churn arise as spontaneously as they disperse.” (source)