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hey petals! havent posted in a while. at a wedding (in nashville!!! fun city) this weekend i asked guests to draw something banal from their professional life, and then nominate someone to draw next. we didn't quite stick to that order but here they are

1) the various constituencies you have to balance when project-managing a car project at Nissan
2) the convolution(?) of the frequencies of sounds bouncing off walls in a room, and the fourier transform characterizing its acoustics
3) the value provided to the client by a consultant (solid line), compared to the value perceived by the client (dotted line)
4) choropleth of primary care physicians in different regions of U.S.
5) something to do with government, evidently
6-1) game downloads over time after launch, depending on whether you do or don't get featured in app store
6-2) "Lavender Stevens" — story unknown, but drawn by a vet
7) your homeowners insurance is less if you have a cat than if you have an akita
8) john mccain lying in state

i'd love to see y'all's !!