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Admin's New Year Resolutions 2019

Dear my Petalers! Sorry for not saying it sooner: Happy New Year. I super love all of you.

Below is my Petal To Do List. This post is unlocked, so please add ideas etc if you feel moved. Hoping to collaborate on these little bugs to big picture items. (It's mostly bugs)


Petal To Do:

• Solve Petal time, is it a color? is it a countdown from September 9, 2018?

• Fix CSS mobile bugs (think I got some padding issues, sorry)

• Adjust CSS for iOS Safari bookmark to home screen "app" feature

• Style bold text so it bolds

• New comments bump an old post to the top

• Do edits bump an old post to the top? (Not everyone wanted this if I remember correctly...)

• Unlimited likes button ++++?
-- Possibility of likes should be discussed, I know @cvrcak-1 was opposed
-- may be likes are present but not visible to everyone... what if only the author of the post sees the likes that they receive? or what if the number of likes is relative to something that we find more meaningful? i like and dislike the idea of including metrics so may be there's a way to toy with what it means to be "liked"

• Format video embeds so youtubes aren't squished in post view

• Exclude inline images from the top loop

• Teach people how to embed inline images

• Thinking about limiting the main feed to the past month and archive posts appear on profile pages only - thoughts?
-- This would be cool

• Some people were annoyed at having to type in usernames to comment - doesn't bother me, but maybe it can autofill if you're logged in

• Prevent login timeout so you're not having to type in your password all the time

• Order Petal stickers
-- Petal t-shirts down the line?

• Petal NYC meetup :) maybe the Admin will cook??

• Include comments on profile pages?

• Allow users to edit comments?


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i do think that public likes breed a culture of value/worth relative to content + related hustle
embeds a hierarchy in the content
it would be nice to keep the content free of that

a comment in a way can function as a like, and feels a bit more intentional, can breed a discussion etc

on other platforms i do like when you can see all of the posts you have liked, it becomes an archive
perhaps there would be a way of “saving” others posts in some way and building a referential bank for oneself

if you do settle on wanting a like feature, a gesture as simple as not using the word “like” (picking another term) would help ease the anxiety of posting for likes/not getting as many likes as other people, etc



Thank you @lynn2, very nice points! I agree, I’m very wary of adding a like feature just because it’s a button we’re used to on the big platforms. I think my impulse to include something is that it can feel empty to post without some kind of a response saying, ‘you are seen’. I do like getting hearts of course, but I also miss giving them. I wonder if there’s a system that focuses more on giving. @123greetings types ‘star’ in the comments sometimes - I really like that.

My only idea so far has been to create an unlimited like button so you could click it as many times as you want. Plus plus plus! That way the metrics are unreliable and irrelevant.

Definitely something to discuss further. A big decision!


great list @admin! love it. “solve petal time” is my favorite, and i like the idea of petal time enough that i don’t even care what it ends up being, it could be anything.

i do like being able to go all the way back in time on the main feed; e.g. it’s how i just rediscovered
@elliott’s great which also reminds me, maybe there could be some kind of “evergreen” tag that gets a special spot in the nav bar? for these classic evergreen community posts.

re: likes, i think @lynn2 put it very well! i like that petal feels like a respite from likes. and yeah i also love the occasional lil bursts of one-word comments. i also feel the “you are seen” thing. i guess anything that makes commenting easier makes that easier. could also have lil comment field on homepage for those one-worders?

and i think it also goes a long way to just have a community norm of helping people feel seen. almost like how stackoverflow highlights unanswered questions


Beautiful @toph! Inspired by all these ideas :)

I like the evergreen proposal a lot. I’ve been thinking about how @tomato’s #recipe tag will grow into a valuable resource. I’m not sure how to decide which tags get locked to the top, but it would be nice to include a menu of ‘evergreens’ that’s easily accessible!

I could move comments, or say the 3 most recent commments…, to the main scroll if people are up for that! Comments are probably the shakiest part of the way the site is built because I only half understand the plugin I’m using and I hacked it to be this way. Paging @neen for backup!?

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