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Thinking about Petal time, garden time. What is time in a garden? Not quite geologic. But time looks "frozen" there - most changes in a garden only register when we come back some other day.

Do we need a time stamp for each post? Should they be measured by the number of days since the garden was opened? The amount of time relative to the overall lifetime of the garden? So every post would be 100% at first but then slowly slide back towards 0. Dunno exactly, but it would be nice to break out of linear, measured-to-the-second time.

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yes love these ideas!

“Day 28 of Petal” (the network)

but also…

“Day 2 of paint-work” (the individual)

could be interesting…



I think Petal needs to throw a summit on the theme of Time. I’m thrilled by the the thoughts generating here.


love petal time topic. love questioning what purpose timestamps really serve. agree that it’s not clear they’re needed at all.

love idea of each post having a birth chart, sign and sundial. snapshot of the garden at time of posting: is it day or night or dusk or twilight?

do posts age? gather weeds and moss and stuff? become overrun by vines, the only indication of passage of time?

was thinking about how feeds can’t show silence. they can only get stale. whether posts are 3 seconds or 3 years apart, they just stack atop each other with the same margins and padding.

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