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Petal is actively under contruction. Please bear with me :) !! -Admin


I woke up one morning in June with the idea for Petal. It felt like a flash at the time but it was in fact months of different thoughts and conversations about design, websites, social media, the internet, finally coming together into a possibility for action. I don’t need to reach millions, thousands, or even hundreds of people online, I just need a place where I can be myself among friends. A virtual living room shielded from corporations and media hustlers. Petal would be a community blog with no agenda. Global in proximity but local in scale and mindset.


Coming soon... patience please.


I come across the Mughal Gardens in Delhi and realize websites are gardens too. At this point my thinking is limited to the relationship between design and content.

I buy the book The Education of a Gardener by Russell Page and don’t finishing read it.

While walking my dog around my neighborhood I discover “Amazing Garden”.

I have a brief fantasy of joining but becoming a member seems competitive and admittedly I don’t know how to garden.

I visit experimental community, Arcosanti on the last day of 2017. They say “a single bell is a lonely bell” likely as an attempt to help sell more bells. Still, it does ring true.

The bell factory

In May I launch a new version of my website with a blog intended to track my thoughts and projects in real time. I add posts a few times a month. It feels like shooting in the dark.

On June 14 I wake up with the idea for Petal and text it to Laurel Schwulst.

Later that day I purchase the domain and begin design and development.

On July 1st I push the first tweet from @petal_updates making the project and its development public.

August 17 Lily Bartle texts the P.I.S.S. thread that posting to the main feed on Instagram “literally feels like shooting in the dark”. I decide I will quit Instagram forever once Petal is up and running.

September 9 I finish a working version of Petal and invite a core group of initial users for testing.