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Sound shot in the middle of summer next to a full chubby tree in Greece .

Total plants: 7

Their body is dull, the protective body colors of the body are difficult to notice. Their front wings are longer than the back. The head is short, antennae short, the forehead prominent. Their mouth has been adjusted for scoring and sucking. The males have the first cock of the tricky cricket, releasing rhythmic, penetrating sounds, especially for hot afternoon hours. At temperatures below 25 ° C, they do not have enough energy to squeeze.

They are fed with plant juices.

A woman with a tight short leg puts eggs in a bark of low woody plants. Spotted larvae fall to the ground , leaping with shovel feet to the ground, where at depths of 30 cm to 2.5 m digging tunnels and rotten roots. The development of most types of crickets lasts from two to five years. The species of the North American type of seventeen-year-old cricket (Magicicada septemdecim) is developing seventeen years. The blossom stage is short. The larva comes out of the ground, climbs up to the plant and quietly waits for the screeching of the skinned skin and the adult cricket gently exits the old skin. Before fleeing, the young cricket stays in the old skin for about three hours to open his wings and dry it in the sun.

The area around the Mediterranean Sea stretches north to Vienna . They live in gardens, parks, black pine forests.

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