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hey petal! anyone know what kind of plant this is? look at the wild skewers of berries! hope y'all had a good weekend

hi @toph, it seems to be a callicarpa shrub

— wow! great work. good googling erin. i think one of the great joys of life is "knowing just who to ask". i gotta say, most of the google images "callicarpa" results can't beat this one for radial balance, sharp delineation of well-spaced branches. it was in charlottesville — my brother and i visited our other brother at law school this weekend for his birthday. i love unlocking posts.


hey petals! havent posted in a while. at a wedding (in nashville!!! fun city) this weekend i asked guests to draw something banal from their professional life, and then nominate someone to draw next. we didn't quite stick to that order but here they are

1) the various constituencies you have to balance when project-managing a car project at Nissan
2) the convolution(?) of the frequencies of sounds bouncing off walls in a room, and the fourier transform characterizing its acoustics
3) the value provided to the client by a consultant (solid line), compared to the value perceived by the client (dotted line)
4) choropleth of primary care physicians in different regions of U.S.
5) something to do with government, evidently
6-1) game downloads over time after launch, depending on whether you do or don't get featured in app store
6-2) "Lavender Stevens" — story unknown, but drawn by a vet
7) your homeowners insurance is less if you have a cat than if you have an akita
8) john mccain lying in state

i'd love to see y'all's !!


— “Well, so I maintained that nobody would carry out what he wants even if he could. You remember our files full of suggestions? And now I ask you—is there anyone who would not be at a loss if whatever he had been passionately demanding all his life long were suddenly to happen? If for instance the Kingdom of God were suddenly to burst on the Catholics or the Utopian State on the Socialists? But perhaps that doesn’t prove anything. One gets used to demanding and isn’t ready at a minute’s notice for the realisation of it. Many people may think that only natural. To pursue the enquiry, therefore... Undoubtedly a musician considers music the most important thing there is, and a painter, painting. Probably even a concrete expert thinks the same about the building of concrete houses. Do you think that the one will therefore imagine God Almighty as a super-specialist for reinforced concrete and the others will prefer a painted world, or a world blown on the bugle, to the real one? You will think this question nonsensical, but the deep seriousness of it lies in the fact that one ought to be demanding this nonsense. And please don’t think now that all I mean is that everyone is allured by what is difficult to put into practice and scorns what he can really have. What I do mean is that reality has in itself a nonsensical yearning for unreality.”
— “And what then would you do if you were the ruler of the world for one day?”
— “I suppose I would have no choice but to abolish reality!”
— “I should be very much interested to know how you would do that!”
— “I don’t know myself. I don’t even know exactly what I mean. We infinitely overvalue the present moment, the sense of the present, the Here and Now. I mean, the way you and I are here together now in this valley, as though we had been put into a basket and the lid of the moment had fallen shut. We overvalue that. We shall remember it. Perhaps even a year from now we shall be able to describe how we stood here. But what really moves us, speaking at least for myself, is always—to put it carefully, for I’m not looking for an explanation and a name for it!—to a certain extent in antagonism to this way of experiencing things. It is displaced by so much Here and Now, so much Present. So it can’t force its way through to becoming present!”

Robert Musil, The Man Without Qualities, 1930–1943


Informal meeting with @shelby_loved and @toph
Date: September 10, 2018
Location: Shake Shack, Battery Park

  • Petal Time: what is it?
  • What's important about a timestamp? That a post was made in morning or night?
  • All posts have birth charts
  • Petal Exclusives
  • In iOS Safari you can save a page to the home screen, like an app!! I can adjust the settings in the back end so Safari toolbars are hidden. A Petal “App”??
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today i went to a beer garden i hadn’t been to in 2.5 years to say bye to s., who’s moving to chicago, which for me is bad timing. then got dinner w/ o. & fam in town. last night saw j. way up at bar i hadn’t been to in three years. there’s not much to quote on p262.