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my office is having a holiday party tomorrow with an open bar and it's catered by dimes? im allowed two guests. we can stay for a half hour to an hour max and then maybe see a movie or something. just putting it out there because going alone is fine but it would be funnier to show people all the people who work in my office. also the event is at a pop up store the company is opening in soho. ok bye!


i'm going to go to starbucks today for coffee, then im going to go to cvs to get moisturizer (cerave). then im going to organize the kitchen cabinets and then tidy my room. later i want to watch the season premiere of dancing with the stars jr. hosted by frankie muniz , the season premiere of shark tank, and the new ep of keeping up with the kardashians.


hey everyone! there's this event i want to go to but can't because i'll be in new jersey this weekend. it would be really cool if someone could go and tell the event organizers that you came on my behalf. the person i know helping to organize the event, luiza, is amazing!

Picture Room
117 Atlantic Ave, New York, New York 11201

Saturday at 6 PM – 8 PM
3 days from now · 66–79°F Partly Cloudy

(Un)Popular Mysticism on the Internet by Ashley D'Arcy is a text compiled from notes for a lecture given at Theorizing the Web 2018, discussing the resurgence of mystical thought online, and why particular strains of mysticism are still being ignored.

To celebrate the launch, interdisciplinary artist, intuitive, and community organizer Grace Kredell will lead a guided synchronicity ritual. Kredell will bring the room together with a guided meditation, opening us up to synchronistic experiences offline and online.

The ritual will begin at 6:30 PM.


Informal meeting with @shelby_loved and @toph
Date: September 10, 2018
Location: Shake Shack, Battery Park

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