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Re: iPhone pix

It's kind of an annoying hacky solution for now, but if you rotate a photo 360 degrees in your photos app (or in preview if you're on desktop) your iPhone photos will display correctly. Working on a longterm fix!

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Hey all, just popping in to let everyone know that the iPhone photo rotation problem is a known issue and I'm sorry everything is orienta-crazy.

I'll be posting a full punch list post soon so that my To Do List and Petaler Requests are made public. Ciao for now!

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Informal meeting with @shelby_loved and @toph
Date: September 10, 2018
Location: Shake Shack, Battery Park

  • Petal Time: what is it?
  • What's important about a timestamp? That a post was made in morning or night?
  • All posts have birth charts
  • Petal Exclusives
  • In iOS Safari you can save a page to the home screen, like an app!! I can adjust the settings in the back end so Safari toolbars are hidden. A Petal “App”??
  • ...?

Hello everyone! Loving all your work so far. I've just pushed a small update to include video capabilities. There is a 10mb file limit (drop a comment if you think we should raise it). Videos and images will render in the top space, all other file types will generate as a download link below. I can extend to include audio file embedding if there is interest.

Above is a little piece of Petal History - launching the website last night :)

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