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The promise of statistical analysis is the promise of a measure that could never be faked, because it could never be conscious: who has such control over her writing, balancing the letters with one another by design? Not only could style so defined never be forged, but it could never, or never consciously, be imitated. At the limit of this line of investigation lie patterns of stylistic correlation that have no bearing on our interests at all, as makers or as readers.

Senses of Style: Poetry Before Interpretation, Jeff Dolven (2017)

hey everyone! there's this event i want to go to but can't because i'll be in new jersey this weekend. it would be really cool if someone could go and tell the event organizers that you came on my behalf. the person i know helping to organize the event, luiza, is amazing!

Picture Room
117 Atlantic Ave, New York, New York 11201

Saturday at 6 PM – 8 PM
3 days from now · 66–79°F Partly Cloudy

(Un)Popular Mysticism on the Internet by Ashley D'Arcy is a text compiled from notes for a lecture given at Theorizing the Web 2018, discussing the resurgence of mystical thought online, and why particular strains of mysticism are still being ignored.

To celebrate the launch, interdisciplinary artist, intuitive, and community organizer Grace Kredell will lead a guided synchronicity ritual. Kredell will bring the room together with a guided meditation, opening us up to synchronistic experiences offline and online.

The ritual will begin at 6:30 PM.