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hey Petal

well... what's on tap for the weekend?

as for me, well... i know you didn't ask, but...

i have spent the morning listening to Object Blue and reading love sonnets from the 16th century

i know you didn't ask... but here's a taste...

How sweet your glances, how lovely your eyes,
Small gardens blooming with amorous flowers,
Love's sharp arrows darting from their bowers,
My eyes lingering on yours, taking no fright.

O treacherous heart, my cruelest private part,
So have you held me in your iron sway,
So have I cried my lovesick days away,
With my core so utterly torn apart!

Thus you, my eyes, have taken much delight
In being the lucky objects of his sight:
But you, my heart, seeing my eyes' pleasure,

The more you envy, the more you despair:
Let none believe that I'm at ease, aware
My heart & eyes are so out of measure.

— Louise Labé (trans. Richard Sieburth)