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hey petalers, yesterday LA shut down a bunch of the city to open it up to bikes. i think a similar thing exists in New York too--and the bay area has critical mass, which is basically much better because it's autonomous. so even though LA's thing (ciclavia) is definitely tied to making the city a happy yuppie place, there was something so freeing about biking down the street with lots of other people, not worrying about getting hit by cars. i put headphones in some of the time and cruised along with everyone else, thinking, is this what life after capitalism is gonna be like?

this version of the event was tied to the 100th anniversary of the la phil so there was music all along the route, including this sweet gamelan orchestra. after each song the members would get up and switch instruments, so there was no clear leader and everyone was doing everything. a life-giving image.

hey petal! anyone know what kind of plant this is? look at the wild skewers of berries! hope y'all had a good weekend

hi @toph, it seems to be a callicarpa shrub

— wow! great work. good googling erin. i think one of the great joys of life is "knowing just who to ask". i gotta say, most of the google images "callicarpa" results can't beat this one for radial balance, sharp delineation of well-spaced branches. it was in charlottesville — my brother and i visited our other brother at law school this weekend for his birthday. i love unlocking posts.

Dear Petal...

well... i know i haven't been good this week. been feeling very off, frankly

i want you to know

i love you

i miss you

i will continue to post

well... that's about it for now. hope you are having a lovely weekend