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image description: shot of hill overlooking a neighborhood of rooftops and shiny green trees of all varieties. Blue sky with puffy clouds in the distance.

Hi, Petals! I'm happy I joined this pleasant network!

My name is Zach and I'm a zinemaker and codewitch and friend. I used to live in NYC and Olympia, WA, but moved to New Zealand at the start of last year. Here is a nice picture for y'all, from my walk home this evening!!

Admin's New Year Resolutions 2019

Dear my Petalers! Sorry for not saying it sooner: Happy New Year. I super love all of you.

Below is my Petal To Do List. This post is unlocked, so please add ideas etc if you feel moved. Hoping to collaborate on these little bugs to big picture items. (It's mostly bugs)


Petal To Do:

• Solve Petal time, is it a color? is it a countdown from September 9, 2018?

• Fix CSS mobile bugs (think I got some padding issues, sorry)

• Adjust CSS for iOS Safari bookmark to home screen "app" feature

• Style bold text so it bolds

• New comments bump an old post to the top

• Do edits bump an old post to the top? (Not everyone wanted this if I remember correctly...)

• Unlimited likes button ++++?
-- Possibility of likes should be discussed, I know @cvrcak-1 was opposed
-- may be likes are present but not visible to everyone... what if only the author of the post sees the likes that they receive? or what if the number of likes is relative to something that we find more meaningful? i like and dislike the idea of including metrics so may be there's a way to toy with what it means to be "liked"

• Format video embeds so youtubes aren't squished in post view

• Exclude inline images from the top loop

• Teach people how to embed inline images

• Thinking about limiting the main feed to the past month and archive posts appear on profile pages only - thoughts?
-- This would be cool

• Some people were annoyed at having to type in usernames to comment - doesn't bother me, but maybe it can autofill if you're logged in

• Prevent login timeout so you're not having to type in your password all the time

• Order Petal stickers
-- Petal t-shirts down the line?

• Petal NYC meetup :) maybe the Admin will cook??

• Include comments on profile pages?

• Allow users to edit comments?


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